Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many ads I can post?
There is no limit for how many ads a single user or business can post provided the ad follows koopi's posting rules. Businesses can upgrade their account to a koopi business account for extra functionality and features for a monthly fee. Please click the koopi business option or contact koopi using the contact form for further information.
How do I contact a seller regarding an ad?
There are 2 ways you can contact a seller.

Koopi message - To send a koopi mesage you must be logged in. When viewing the ad that you are interested in a message box is provided so that you can send a message directly the the seller. Your message will be delivered directly to the recipients koopi inbox and they will also receive an email notification of this message. It is strongly advised that you don't send your email address in any messages. Koopi will not reveal your email address to any other user. Any replies will be sent back direclty to your koopi inbox and you will also receive an email notification.

Text message - You can send a text message regarding an ad if the seller has decided to included their mobile phone number. If their mobile number is included, this will be displayed within the contact information on the ad.
Is my contact name and number visable on my ads?
You have the option. You can choose to include or exculed your name, contact number and/or map. By default your name and contact number will be pre filled when posting an ad to make posting quicker and easier but you can just simply untick any of the information you wish to exclude.
What are the pay monthly business packages offered?
If you are a small or medium sized business and you post ad frequently you could benefit from a koopi business package. To see what those benefits are click here for further information.